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Clear Bra Warranty

Lifetime warranty

The Clear Bra product has an optically clear, high gloss finish that is a direct result of the internal make-up of Ventureshileds urethane; this feature allows you to install and clean the urethane aggressively, without scratching the surface, which is extremely helpful when removing bugs from the front of the vehicle. The new NT film has a more aggressive adhesive and allows the installer to apply the clear bra to more dificult curves.


VentureShield has the following attributes

The clearest film on the market the strongest film on the market the easiest film on the market to install! Hands down! High gloss film, with a very high shear resistance – it will not creep or shrink over time will not yellow – guaranteed! Ventureshield has been tested and approved around the world by the leading oem’s such as mercedes, chrysler, ford, gm, ferrari, and nissan it is very forgiving in long bends, meaning a faster install with no wrinkles, stretch marks or fingerprints in the adhesive!

An optically clear, removable, anti-corrosion adhesive with a mold inhibitor built in during some testing nissan & mercedes found that the competitor’s film was punctured with a 9lb probe, ventureshield was not punctured until 20lbs of pressure was applied. So the math that is more than a 100% more abrasive resistant, therfore meaning no paint damage and better over all protection. This product has a great clarity over all paint colors!