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Clear Bra Installation

There are two installation types

Clear Bra Kits that we install. The kit of your choice will be fully installed by a certified installer and comes with a full warranty. We're very quick too! Contact us for more details.

Clear Bra Kits that you install. You recieve the kit of your choice with full instructional cd as well as instructions page & squeege. {sorry no warranty available}


General Installation Instructions

1. Surface must be clean, free of wax, grease, bugs, etc., and between 55ºF & 90ºF. Clean surface thoroughly with alcohol solution.

2. Clean your hands thoroughly and keep your fingers wet, as they will come in contact with the adhesive side of the material occasionally and wet fingers will not stick to material or leave marks on it.

3. Check part position, shape, and size before installing.

4. Spray solution on vehicle surface.

5. Pull protective liner back to expose adhesive. Spray with solution. Position part on vehicle. As long as there is solution under the film, it can be repositioned.

REMEMBER: You cannot use too much solution!

6. Spray solution on top of piece so squeegee will not stick or scratch the film. Starting in center, squeegee out solution and any bubbles. Over lap squeegee strokes to avoid leaving any bubbles under material.

7. For recessed areas or compound curves, re-wet the adhesive and slowly squeegee again with firm pressure. The material will stretch some. Some pieces will require stretching to obtain proper fit and to conform to the contour of curves.

8. If any edge has lifted or won’t stay down, spray with a solution of 50% isopropyl alcohol and 50% water, and work down edge with lint free paper towel. The towel will absorb the liquid so the material will adhere to the painted surface. Sometimes if you give the edge a few minutes to dry, it will stay down.

HINTS: Overlap strokes to avoid trapping air or solution under the material. Excessive stretching is not recommended, however, some gentle stretching may be required to fit some curves.

The material may be gently pulled back up if necessary to reposition the piece, or if you have trapped air or an excessive amount of solution under the material. Do not worry about small pockets of solution trapped under the material, as over time the solution will evaporate, making the spot unnoticeable. Air, however, must be removed. Any attempt to pull the material back up must be done within 10 minutes of application, or excessive stretching will occur. Check the material often for bubbles. If you accidentally stretch the material too far, you may end up with the piece overlapping the adjoining piece. If this occurs, it will be necessary to trim the edges of the piece with a sharp blade. Take care not to cut all the way through the material to the paint. You need only cut through the urethane layer, not all the way through the adhesive layer. Be gentle at first, increasing pressure if necessary to get through the film. Pull the excess film away with your fingernail.

No special care is necessary for your kit once installed. Wait 48-72 hours before washing the vehicle. Then you may wash and wax it just as you do the rest of the vehicle. You may experience a wax build up along the edges of the kit. Use a Q-tip or soft brush to gently wipe away excess wax. Never use any abrasives on the film. When using high pressure sprayers, do not place the nozzle directly against the edges, or lifting may occur. Avoid picking at edges or corners as irreparable lifting of the material will result.

Note: If you choose the self-install and run into problems, please call us and we can try and help over the phone. If we get into the install process, we'll have to charge a fee to help finish up the install.